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LED lighting and LED installation

One of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce energy consumption

Legacy lighting technologies, on average, account for up to 40% of a commercial entity’s energy bill. This is usually true in “non-industrial” environments, such as offices, hospitals, etc. Additionally, the maintenance costs of replacing old fluorescent, incandescent or HID lights and ballasts can add up quickly, both in labor and materials. LED lights are significantly more efficient, last much longer, and provide better quality of light. They offer the easiest way to reduce energy consumption and usually some of the shortest project payback periods.


We have been doing LED lighting for almost 10 years now. Which in the LED world is roughly equivalent to a lifetime of experience. We contract-manufacture our own lights and are so confident in the quality of our products that we stand firmly behind our simple 5-year warranty – if any of our lights fail due to a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, we will simply replace them with a brand new light/fixture.

We have extensive experience in commercial and industrial LED lighting in both exterior and interior applications. From warehouse high bay lights to office lighting, to parking lot poles, security floods, and pathway lighting, we have the perfect solution to your lighting needs.


You will not find a better partner to help you upgrade your lighting to LED. We offer complete LED solutions that include: initial consultation/assessment of existing lights, recommendations for the best and most affordable LED solutions to fit your needs, submission of proposals that include energy savings projections and project payback analysis, completion and submission of all incentive application paperwork, installation and testing, and post-installation warranty claims.


Unlike many of our competitors, we also stock a variety of commonly used LED lights in our warehouse facility, so  our installation turnaround time is minimal.


Contact us today to discuss your LED lighting upgrade and start saving money on your energy consumption. We look forward to building lasting relationships with you and your team.

Make the switch to LEDs
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