We are energy efficiency

We provide sustainable, affordable, energy-saving solutions

Greenervolts was born as an LED lighting company over 10 years ago. We are evolving into an energy efficiency consultancy, helping our clients identify and fine tune their approach to sustainable energy solutions. From assessing current consumption through real time monitoring, to identifying and targeting areas for energy consumption, to implementing the identified measures, we hope to make our world a better place by helping our clients reduce energy waste.

A comprehensive approach

We realize that true energy efficiency requires an integrated approach, that involves all aspects of energy consumption: evaluating where you currently are, finding ways to improve, setting specific goals to do better, implementing specific measures, and constantly monitoring usage for energy waste.

As a result, we offer consulting services that can help our clients achieve their sustainability goals—and sustain them over the long-term.


Energy audits help us identify areas of energy consumption that could be targeted for immediate reduction of waste.

Real-time energy monitoring allows us see where the energy is being spent, so we can target areas for improvement.

LED lighting upgrades offer one of the easiest ways to significantly reduce energy consumption in commercial and industrial environments.

Our Lighting as a Service (LaaS) program allows you to upgrade to LED with ZERO cash upfront.

Our turnkey Commercial EV Charging Station solutions are a must, as adoption of vehicle leectrification ramps up wordlwide.

Solar power allows us to become less dependent on fossil fuels, and to rely more on the sun’s renewable energy

“Energy sustainability requires a daily commitment that yields commensurate rewards”


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