Measuring what you cannot see

Energy monitoring is the best place to start

You have a feeling that you could do better with managing your energy consumption. But how can you manage what you cannot see or measure?

Typically, your only insight into your energy consumption is the kWh numbers that show up on your energy bill—about 30 days after you have used the energy. That makes it tough to make significant changes, when you are not really sure of where you are starting from, where you need to go, or how you will get there.

The best starting point for energy efficiency efforts is through real-time energy monitoring.


energy consumption - monitored in real-time

We offer monitoring solutions that give you insight in real-time. This means that at any given point, you can visualize analyze how much energy each discrete power circuit is consuming, see aberrations in consumption patterns, and identify and target areas of potential waste.


intergrated solutions

We offer integrated hardware and software solutions that will allow us to help you monitor and identify areas for improvement. We can also set up monitoring systems for renewable energy solutions, such as solar or wind, that will help you justify your investment in these technologies.

The end goal is for us to help you change behaviors: when people see what is usually not visible (such as current energy consumption) they are more likely to rally around the entity’s efforts to reduce energy waste.

Call us today, so we can talk about gaining insight into the unseen world of energy consumption, and we will help you set goals to cut the waste we collectively identify and target.